Kevin Nealon


Welcome to my blog.

Well, there’s the two commercials, one with Aaron Rodgers and Dana Carvey for State Farm and the other with Arnold Palmer and Nascar driver, Brian Vickers for Xarelto.  You’ve probably seen them both, ad nauseum.  So there’s that and that.  Just got word that it looks like we are going to shoot a season two of Laugh Lessons with Kevin Nealon for AOL.  Very exciting.  There’s that.  Oh, I should have led with this but I just shot a pilot for CBS called, Tommy.  It mirrors the life of comedian, Tommy Johnigan.  I play his father and the wonderful Jane Kaczmarek plays my ex-wife. (Just googled how to spell her last name correctly – Polish?) It was a blast shooting this and we are all hopeful that it gets picked up for next fall.  There’s that.  And as always, check my tour dates to see if I will be performing in your neck of the woods.  And that’s that.

No driving while texting.  Watch those intersections.



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