Kevin Nealon



Well, it had to happen eventually.  All good things come to an end.   This will be the final season of Weeds.  If you thought the other seasons were a wild ride… wait until you catch this season!   We are well into taping this season and I am anxious to read the finale, which the writers are working on now.

I have also been staying busy appearing on various talk shows, most recently; The Ellen Show,  Real Time with Bill Maher and even a visit for the premiere of The Bethenny Frankel Show.   I’m excited about my second Showtime special which will begin airing August 4th.  It is called, “Whelmed, But Not Overly.”  I taped it just outside of Denver, Co. and the audience could not have been better!

You may have noticed that I also updated my tour schedule for this fall with lots of locations all over the country so hopefully I will be in your neck of the woods soon.  Unfortunately, the pilot I shot with Marcia Gay Harden, titled ‘Isabel’, was not picked up by NBC.   I saw it and thought it was really good but for whatever reason they took a pass on it.    There is always that outside chance that they will retool it and air it later in the season but that’s a long shot.

If you happen to be in the Tahoe area, July 18-22nd, stop by and say hello.  I will be golfing, once again, in the American Celebrity Golf Championship.  Wear protective gear so Charles Barkely or I don’t hit you in the head.

I hope you all have a great summer.  No texting while you drive and watch the intersections!

My best,


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