Kevin Nealon

New Showtime Special!

August 21, 2011

Hey There,

Thanks for checking in to see what’s up.  We recently wrapped the 7th season of Weeds.  What a great time working with all those fun, talented, stoned folks.  I am now back, out on the road, touring with my new stand-up act.  Check my ‘tour dates’ section of this website to see if I will be in your neck of the woods.  This tour will culminate on Feb. 17, 2012 when I tape my second, one-hour special at The Comedy Works in Greenwood Village, Colorado.  (Tickets are available at I am currently calling this special “Face and Crotch” because I think it sounds edgy, sexy and dangerous…and, well, also I use those two words together in my act.

I am really enjoying my time on stage and experiencing awesome crowds.  According to a comedy club owner I met recently, each comic attracts a certain audience. The blue-collar comics tend to attract a beer drinking crowd, deadbeats and white trash.  The urban comics typically attract a Hennessey drinking, loud, heckling audience.  He said that my audience was typically more of a wine drinking, thinking man’s crowd.  They are sophisticated, progressive, problem-solvers and could be future presidents.  Will you be coming to my show?

See you soon!


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