Kevin Nealon

Weeds – 7th Season!

Hey there!

Thanks for checking into my website.  I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to come to one of my stand up dates but I’ve been working a ton out there.  My stand up dates are listed here on my website but be sure to confirm with the club before hand to make sure the date hasn’t changed.  I’m mostly playing in comedy clubs with the exception of a few corporate gigs and casinos here and there.  I am hoping to generate enough new material for another special this fall. My current stand up special,’Now Hear Me Out…’, which has been airing on Showtime, is now available on DVD. Pretty sure you can get it from iTunes or

Oh, please come to my show at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, Ca. April 19th.  It is a great cause and will be benefiting Friends of Big Joe Charity.

On another note, we begin taping the seventh season of Weeds May 4th.  It will begin airing on Showtime, June 27th.  How lucky I am to be on a show that has lasted this long!  I met with the writers recently and they told me what they have up their sleeves for Nancy and the rest of us and…oh, boy!  Hold onto your hats.

Until then, I’ll be looking for you out there on the road.  Hope to see you soon!



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