Kevin Nealon

Caution – Road Work Ahead!

Hey there!

Thanks for checking into my website.  I had a great time playing in the Bob Hope Classic this week.  I’ll never be good at golf but I’ll never stop enjoying it either. My next big tournament is The American Century Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, NV.  this July.  It will be my 12th year playing in that one.  Surely I’ll be more prepared for that one than I was the Bob Hope.

In the meantime I am gearing up for lots of dates on the road.  I’ll mostly be playing in comedy clubs with the exception of a few corporate gigs and casinos here and there.  I am hoping to generate enough new material for another special this fall.  One venue I’m particularly looking forward to is Montbleu Resort and Casino in Lake Tahoe on Feb. 26th.  I may even be able to get a little skiing in that day.  My stand up dates are listed here on my website but be sure to confirm with the club before hand to make sure the date hasn’t changed.

Aside from my stand up dates I’m excited about a new film I’m in that will be in theaters around the middle of February.  It’s call, “Just Go With It” and it stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  You may not recognize me in it since I have so much make up and prosthetics. (My spell-check is telling me I misspelled prosthetics.)  My character’s name is Adon and I am a plastic surgery junky.  The movie is really funny and I hope you like it.

I’ll be looking for you out there on the road.  See you soon!



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