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Welcome to my new Site!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new website.  I know it looks like we just threw this together overnight and that’s the exact look we were going for.  Truthfully, as you may know, this has taken some time. When I wrote sketches on SNL we used legal pads like this one and most of mine were filled with doodles along the margins.

Okay, here’s an update of what’s going on in a nutshell; Season six of Weeds is currently airing on Showtime and the reviews have been stellar.  I am excited about another show I’m involved with called, ‘Glenn Martin DDS.’  Have you seen it yet? It is a stop-action, animated series and can be seen on Nick-at-Night. It’s along the same vein as Family Guy or The Simpsons… very irreverent.
In this show my dysfunctional family and I travel around the country in an RV as we all try to grow closer.  I provide the voice of Glenn Martin DDS and Catherine O’Hara provides the voice of my wife, Jackie. Jackie Clarke plays my ten year-old daughter. Judy Greer plays her assistant, Courtney, and Peter Oldring plays my son, Connor.   We are currently in season two.

My Stand-Up Special, ‘Now Hear Me Out,’ has been airing on Showtime for the past several months and is now available on DVD in stores and at  During my hiatus from Weeds I have also been busy filming features.  ‘Just Go With It,’ starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman will be released February 14, 2011. ‘Born To Be A Star,’ starring Nick Swardson will be released in April of 2011.  ‘Jack and Jill,’ starring Adam Sandler and Al Pacino will be released late in 2011.

I have been touring with my stand up act quite frequently this fall and hope to tape another stand up special soon.  Please check out my stand up dates here on my website to see if I will be performing in your city soon.


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