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Hi Everyone, I’m excited to tell you about an awesome screenplay I wrote entitled, ‘The Pleaser.’  It’s a really funny comedy based on an actual episode in my life where my people-pleasing ways put my wife and me in a very awkward and uncomfortable situation.  I just couldn’t help myself!  Our story is also about trust, relationships, goals and what happens when you go ‘all in’ even if it means crossing the line.

Now, we want to shoot this by raising money through a crowd-funding campaign.  To make this film the way we like, without compromises, we are going to need your help. And besides you guys I’m going to track down a few of my personal friends, too, in hopes of getting them involved.

Please sign up for my mailing list to get involved and checkout my first video sneak peak above with me and Sandler!

Thanks for listening and more importantly, thanks for giving me the opportunity to please you.


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